Quality Pre-owned vehicles and Custom Auto Detailing Company Serving Raleigh, NC Metro

Shine & Style Custom Auto Detailing is a premiere detailing company in North Carolina that sets the precedent for detailing operations in the Raleigh, NC Metro area.  From the amount of time we spend detailing your vehicle to the newest detailing methods and technology. What sets us apart from our competitors is the CONSISTENT QUALITY of service and professionalism we provide on a daily basis. Our automotive detailing services is guaranteed to make your vehicle look like NEW. We use our expertise and mastery of skills to take excellent care of your vehicle regardless if we are delivering a Custom Hand Wash or an Ultimate Detailing Package. We utilize the latest in technology to thoroughly clean and disinfect the spaces in your vehicle that you can and cannot see.

Exterior Services

  • Glass & Chrome Cleaning & Polishing
  • Engine & Wheel Well Cleaning
  • Custom Quality Hand Washing & Waxing
  • Trunk Cleaning & Vacuuming
  • Tire & Trim Conditioning
  • Paint Correction
  • Paint Sealant Protection
  • Paint Touch-up
  • Tar Removal
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Overspray Removal
  • Under Body Rubber Coating
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Head Light Restoration
  • Water Spot Removal (windows and exterior body)
  • Scratch Removal
  • Acid Rain Removal
  • Wet Sanding
  • Window Repellant Protection
  • Rv and Boats

Interior Services

  • Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning
  • Deep Clean Vacuuming
  • Carpet & Upholstery Hot Water Extraction
  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Tinting
  • Door Jambs Cleaning
  • Vinyl/Plastic Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Headliner Cleaning
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Leather Conditioning
  • Leather Guard Protection
  • Scotchguard Protection
  • Pet hair Removal